SALHER is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, purification plants, grey water reuse systems, hydrocarbon separators, as well as accessories for wastewater treatment. SALHER as a manufacturer of its equipments is one of the leading companies in the water sector in Europe.

SALHER owns factories in Spain, Portugal, Poland and Brazil; it also has distributors in more than 50 countries and equipments installed in more than 120 countries, which puts this large company at the forefront of the water treatment industry.

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1) URBAN WATER. Our urban water projects have a flow capacity of up to 2.000 m³/day, with an array of technologies able to recycle water to meet the most demanding requirements with different solutions. SALHER has more than 3.000 treatment plants installed worldwide and is also a reference in many projects thanks to the quality of its equipments and its innovation capacity.

2) INDUSTRIAL WATER. SALHER Industrial performs turnkey projects around the World which are designed to treat water issued from a large variety of industries such as meat, milk, tanning process, dye and food. SALHER industrial is using an experience of more than 30 years covering hundreds of designed and functioning installations.

3) PURIFICATION AND WATER REUSE SYSTEMS. These systems can be complementary or independent of the urban water treatment, they use reverse osmosis, nanofiltration or microfiltration, depending on the treatment level. Automatic and semi-automatic systems, manufactured in resistant and unnalterable material, designed for sustainable operation and maintenance.

4) ACCESSORIES for water treatment. This section encompasses pre-treatment systems, pumping stations, inspection manholes, level detection systems, oil and solids systems, Parshall flumes, flow regulator, etc.

5) HYDROCARBON SEPARATORS. SALHER is one of the most important European companies dedicated to the manufacture of separators in accordance with the EN 858 Standard, with installations worldwide, for both small flows and large installations such as airports or fire fighting test areas, as well residential areas streets.

In its pursuit to search for an increasingly global market, SALHER has an international and multicultural team with the 7 official languages of its headquarters in German, Spanish, French, English, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. This fosters a better understanding  and communication with our clients and suppliers.