Salher designs a pioneering manufacturing system for GFRP tanks.

Salher® UR System

SALHER’s aim is the zero accident risk. The R&D&I department designs technologies and pioneering manufacturing systems to guarantee an optimal functioning of the wastewater treatment plants.

ico-telefono3_EN.pngThe Multiangle (MA) Filament Winding system

The MA Fillament Winding , that is to say, multiangle crossed winding is a manufacturing system of GFRP tanks to obtain structural uniformity and better resistance compared to the traditional winding method.

Salher R&D&I department has tested the method using different variables like angle, tension and number of threads to manufacture high quality tanks. It offers an optimal outer and structural quality in all standard equipments with no extra-cost. This manufacturing method is monitored through numeric and automated control to obtain a homogeneous industrial production. Its main advantages are:


High chemicals resistance. Equipments are free from corrosion due to environmental conditions.  

High mechanical resistance. The loads to which is subjected the underground and aboveground MA tanks, are uniformly distributed in the multidirectional threads, dramatically increasing the structural resistance. The mechanical resistance is improved by more than 20% compared to the traditional manufacturing methods.

Light material. The tanks are composed of approximately 70% fiber and 30% resin. Thanks to its reduced weight, the installation task is easier and does not require specific hoist machinery.

Durability. Longer useful life, GFRP useful life exceeds 50 years.

Thermal insulation. Salher® offers the possibility to combine MA technology with double wall isothermal tanks.

Flexibilty. Salher® designs custom-made tanks to meet the clients’ requirements. Equipments to be shipped by containers are designed accordingly to facilitate and cheapen the transport.

Ecological. The manufacturing system is more ecological than filament winding traditional methods, reducing the solids waste and removing emissions of dissolvent to the environment.

The UR system

 MA system (multi-angle)

The “UR” or Ultra Reinforced, that is to say, extra reinforced, is Salher® innovative manufacturing system for reinforced tanks for safe installations.  

The UR system combines the outstanding mechanical resistance of the MA system (multi-angle) with crossed reinforcements, forming an outer cage which absorbs great loads without transmitting them to the main part of the tank.

Thanks to these properties many underground installations do not require a concrete structure around the tank. The mechanical resistance is improved by more than 100% compared to other traditional methods. 
Specially designed for:

  • Unstable or high water level ground.
  • Underground installation at a depth which exceeds 1 meter.
  • Avoidance of breakage due to bad installation o handling during the load and unloading of the tanks.
  • Selection for safe installations with seismic risk.

 UR system



Standard MA
Filament Winding System

UR System

Maximum underground installation depth  

1000 mm

5000 mm

Variable angle





Reinforced: double wall or metallic mesh according to design criteria

Protection of inlet and outlet pipes

Not included


Stable grounds  



Unstable grounds

Not valid*

(*Specific installations are required)


Aboveground installation with adverse conditions





Telescopic (TTP)


Traditional manufacturing method




Resistance to traction (MPa)




Modulus of elasticity for bending (MPa)




Bending strength (MPa)




Double wall isothermal system 

Salher® tanks have a double wall system and thermal coating to guarantee an absolute thermal insulation under extreme climate conditions.


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