Water recovery and recycling

terciary equipment
Wastewaters were considered to be simple discharges, but have gained recognition as a valuable resource.

SALHER has an experience in treatment of urban wastewater and industrial process water with the aim to allow a reuse or a human consumption.

 Nature of water:

  • Rainwater
  • Grey water (from sinks and showers)
  • Treated wastewater
  • Industrial wastewater including high contaminant load


  • Controlled landfilling
  • Reuse: gardens and green areas watering, agriculture, refills for domestic use, water for process, etc
  • Purification

Case Study: Bank BBVA new headquarters building integrates grey water reuse and microfiltration systems SALHER®

Case Study: Salher® compact purification water plants in Africa for surface waters.


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Wastewater treatment plant engineering – Liquid/solids separation equipment for industrial and municipal process applications – Surface waters – Groundwater – Water reuse – Drinking water – Hydrocarbon and oil water separation.

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