Industrial water treatment and hydrocarbon separation

We create customized solutions for the treatment of industrial water and the hydrocarbon separation


Aguas en la industria de la Energía

Hydrocarbon Separation

Salher brand hydrocarbon separators are installed worldwide. They have either an outlet efficiency of 5 ppm or 100 ppm.

Aguas en la industria de la Energía

Dairy industry water solutions

This sector generates a large quantity of process water highly contaminated with organic matter, as well as nitrogen and phosphorus, detergents, acid, oils and greases.

Aguas en la industria de la Energía

Food industry water solutions

A relevant issue in the food industry is the discharge of wastewater, due to its large volume as well as its organic load of pollutants.

Aguas en la industria de la Energía

Beverage industry water solutions

In the beverage and spirit industry, the discharges show an extreme irregularity in terms of flows, wastewater composition, contaminants concentration and production seasonality.

Aguas en la industria de la Energía

Water in the energetic and chemical industry

The footprint of water consumption can be notable in the generation of electricity and fuel and in the extraction and transformation of raw materials.


Salher Products

Designed and developed to meet all the requirements in water treatments.

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