Bank BBVA new headquarters building integrates grey water reuse and microfiltration systems SALHER®

Posted on June 08, 2015

«The Sail», the new giant building located in Madrid which is also new BBVA Bank headquarters, integrates grey water reuse and microfiltration systems SALHER®. This new construction was built up in accordance with sustainability requirements to obtain the LEED Or certificate, the highest standard for green building.

LEED certified projects combine environmental and economic efficiency oriented to buildings occupants. These constructions have a low operation and maintenance cost, and save water and energy.

The raw material used have a low environmental impact, the installation of grey water reuse systems and roof rainwater collection for watering, are only one part of this green construction.

In order to reach the Water Use Efficiency, which fosters a more efficient water use, SALHER®supplied and performed the commissioning of 4 grey water reuse systems (water issued from washbasins for toilet refill) through ultrafiltration technology, for 4 buildings of the Construction Phase Number 2.

WWTP treatment flows are: 10, 6, 15 y 10 m³/hour. Each WWTP integrates free chlorine station; with chlorine, pH and alkalinity control, for treated water maintenance.

SALHER equipments enable to reach the certificate requirements through the rational water use and reuse, design and technology.

The investment performed in the water management and rainwater control has been very important. To this end, Salher® supplied 2 microfiltration plants for rainwater reuse for watering. These systems have treatment flow capacity of 4 m³/h and integrate all final disinfection systems.

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