Salher designs sewage treatment processes in 3D modeling

Posted on May 29, 2017

Salher as a provider of wastewater treatment solutions designs turnkey wastewater treatment systems. Salher supplies the right technology to be able to adapt to the requirements of each project.

3D modeling wastewater treatment plants.

In hydraulic projects, it is common to provide 2D drawing. Salher has incorporated an additional service: developing 3D computer graphics of wastewater treatment plants, to facilitate the client’s understanding of the project. In this way the simulation presents a three-dimensional drawing of the solution easing the visualization of the final appearance of the underground, half-underground and above-ground WWTP.

For a year now, upon customer's request, Salher also offers virtual reality designs for complex projects. This is a unique virtual experience for the user.

On our YouTube channel you will find our videos of wastewater treatment plants.

View our latest 3D animation:

The installation was designed to treat a wastewater flow of up to 400 m³/day (5.000 population equivalent).

Based on the characterization of wastewater, Salher designs and manufactures the different pretreatment, primary, secondary treatments, tertiary treatment equipment for reuse, purification systems and sludge treatment equipment.

Description of the treatment line.

  1. Pumping station. Design and dimensioning of a pumping system for the wastewater collection process.
  2. Pretreatment.
    This is the first step of the WWTP treatment where the separation of solids larger than 3mm is performed as well as the separation of grease and organic fat from the water through a grease separator.
  3. Secondary treatment.
    Biological treatment for organic matter removal by moving bed biological reactor (MBBR). The reactors are composed of different chambers layouts and filling material according to the discharge effluent quality required, the inlet contaminated loads and the treatment flows.
  4. Hypochlorite disinfection system. Automatic chlorination equipment for effluent pathogen germs removal.
  5. Sludge treatment line (sludge dewatering and removal). Thickener with steel support with pumping to the filter press.

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