Project EPC. Salher® designs and installs an industrial water treatment plant for Havana Club, leader company at Cuban rum producer

Posted on February 22, 2018
Salher® has custom-designed an industrial water treatment plant for the popular Cuban rum producer Havana Club International, at its factory in San José de las Lajas, a city near Havana.

Equipo Salher en la fábrica de ron cubano Havana Club

The distiller is committed to progress and environmental care, being a pioneer in Cuba in the implementation of a plant with high technological level. Currently, the civil works are being carried out to install the equipment manufactured and supplied by Salher® last September. When the plant is erected, the technical staff of Salher will be the responsible for its commissioning.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that this is an EPC project. For this reason, the main challenge for the companies during the project phases (design, manufacturing, supply, installation) has been adapting the plant to the limited space available for its implementation. Thus, the final result has been a compact, robust and totally accessible plant that meets the strictest requirements demanded by the Cuban Shedding Standard.

Before the installation of this plant was considered, the Havana Club distillery sent its industrial water in tankers for its subsequent treatment by municipal wastewater plants that required a high economic costs. The new water treatment plant has been specifically designed by Salher® to meet the needs of the Cuban enterprise, which will allow pouring of clean water directly into nearby lagoons, or its reuse for cleaning works thanks to the technology of membrane bioreactors (MBR).

Proyecto EPC Aguas Industriales de Salher en Havana Club

Salher designs the best wastewater treatment plant for its Cuban clients

Havana Club rum, the main brand of Cuban rum worldwide, is an alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane through a process of fermentation and aging. For decades, Havana Club rums have been the most awarded in the country, with 27 medals won in tasting competitions for the past four years.

Planta Depuradora de Salher para Havana Club

For its new water treatment plant, Havana Club has committed for the quality and prestige of the Spanish water engineering, of which Salher® is a benchmark, for its international presence and more than 35 years of experience in design and manufacture of equipment. Salher® has analyzed the most convenient treatment for Havana Club according to its volume of production, its manufacturing methods and required parameters.

The plant is equipped with all kind of hydraulic and electrical units manufactured by Salher®, such as:

  • Two tanks for wastewater storage with the capacity of 120m3 and 60 m3.

  • Pumping station to screen.

  • Rotary drum sieve with perforated mesh of 1mm.

  • Tank for homogenization and flow regulation.

  • Advanced primary treatment by means of dissolved air flotation unit (DAF) with coagulation-flocculation and pH control in tubular reactor.

  • Pumping station to biological or secondary treatment.

  • Secondary treatment for organic matter removal composed of aerobic chamber and two membrane bioreactors (MBR). System of ultrafiltration membranes combines filtration, aeration and clarification features. Likewise, this compact and modular system can be extended quickly and easily by using additional cartridges if a large flow of water should be treated.

  • Other important advantage of MBR treatment is the possibility of obtaining water of better quality suitable for reusing. This water meets strict environmental standards.

  • And finally, the dehydration of sludge treatment consisting of a tank with an agitator for conditioning of sludge, pneumatic pump, lime dosing hopper and automatic filter press.

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