Salher® revolutionizes the DAF market with its new equipment, Vespa

Posted on March 26, 2018
The Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) of Salher® stands out as a compact, flexible and modern device. Its height can be tailored to meet any customs requirements and new materials used for its manufacture make this equipment robust and corrosion resistant. Learn more about Vespa.

Salher® has developed its own DAF for water treatment by means of physical-chemical processes that eliminate 90% of total suspended solids (TSS), sedimentable solids, oils and fats. In addition, the Vespa makes it possible to remove up to 50%-80% of BOD5 and 60%-80% of COD.

Dissolved Air flotation technology has important applications in the water sector, such as the treatment of wastewater in a large number of industries (paper, petrochemical, chemical, dairy, meat, food, textile, metallurgical) and process water or the purification of waters.

What are the advantages of the Salher® DAF?

Regarding the equipment efficiency, its cylindrical design allows a remarkable increase of the specific scratching surface of floating to obtain better results in the extraction of cream. The internal baffles ensure a reduction of the dead volumes and the uniform dispersion of the dissolved air.

On the other hand, the flocculation increases the retention time of the water to be treated, in order to provide its adequate preparation with chemical reagents.

Vespa also includes a height-adjustable clarified water collector to control the level of the water layer and transparent upper cover for easy supervision.

High resistance

The main structure and inner parts of Vespa are manufactured in GFRP, by means of the Filament Winding Multi Angle method, which ensures a high resistance. This fully automated and integrated system offers better results than the traditional method of winding, allowing a greater control and manufacturing flexibility, and guarantees a perfectly finished end-product with chemical (anticorrosive) and mechanical resistance.

The steel elements that make up the equipment are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316. In addition, all Vespa models have been specially designed to be transported in maritime containers.

The equipment Reliability

Beyond the extensive Salher® experience in the manufacturing of water treatment equipment, it is important to mention that DAF is fully automated unit that meets the quality standards ISO 9001: 2008 and EN 976.

Another point that may provide reliability to the equipment is the possibility of optional use of double wall technology, sandwich type.

To ensure the correct operation of equipment, the new Salher® DAF possesses an advanced parameter control by means of a panel with automaton with the possibility of remote control and color touchscreen.

Simple installation

The equipment is easy to transport and manipulate and, being a compact unit, Vespa does not require a large space for its installation. Thus, its installation is limited to the placement of the equipment in the plant and the electrical and hydraulic connection (plug and play equipment).

Thanks to the fact that Salher® designs and manufactures its own equipment, Vespa DAF has a competitive price and can be adapted to the flow requirements of its customers. Additionally, Vespa has available a series of accessories, such as:

  • Independent flocculation system, with its own frame for its support.

  • Injection system of chemical agents: coagulant, flocculant and base.

  • Measurement and control of pH.

  • Polyelectrolyte plant.

  • Optionally, an access structure for inspection and maintenance operations is offered as an option.

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