Salher® launches new brand identity

Posted on December 11, 2018
We interviewed Diego Salcedo, commercial director of Salher®, to know what the gradual consolidation of the new corporate image of the water treatment company has meant.

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After more than 35 years being the visible face of the company, how have you faced the redesign of the Salher® logo?

If we have learned anything in all these years is that renewal is always necessary: from improving production systems, through the redesign of existing equipment to the creation of new products.

Did you have a hard time making this decision?

In espite the affection and all the history related to the old logo, we were clear that we had to change.

Why do you think it was necessary to change the branding and corporate communication of the company?

In recent years, Salher® has changed very quickly and the old logo no longer reflected the new identity of the company. The world of corporate communication and marketing is now much more important than when we started working as a company. Therefore, in order to adapt to this new panorama, it was essential to take into account aspects of branding and corporate image in our redesign.

In family businesses, making these types of decisions is much more sensitive than in other companies. Are you all happy with the work of redesigning the Salher® image?

The decision was taken almost unanimously. We were all aware of the path traveled and the need to show that evolution in the image.

What aspects of the personality of the traditional company have you wanted to maintain in this redesign?

The reliability and solidity of a company with an experience of almost 40 years in the water sector, I think that is paramount. Our logo is new, our image is new and we do more things than when we started, but we are not new, we have not just started.



These two images show the applications of the new logo on our Salher® equip.

What were the innovations of Salher® 2018 that you wanted to reflect in the new corporate identity?

The versatility of the company, its ability to design large projects anywhere in the world and, at the same time, manufacture standard products of great quality.

Without a doubt, now you give a much more modern image of a company that is committed to innovation. Was this what you wanted to reflect with the change?

We bet on innovation in design, we believe in the ideas of our most veteran workers and we support young people in their professional development within Salher®.

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