2018, a great year for Salher®

Posted on December 27, 2018
New international references of large water treatment plants, the opening of offices in Malaysia, the change of corporate image or the launch of Vespa, the new DAF, have marked the Salher® course this 2018.


Cuba, Costa Rica and Belarus have the last references of Salher® large industrial water treatment projects. In the three countries, Salher® has carried out from the design of the plants, including the recreation of the project in 3D, through the start-up in 2018.


Regarding sales, without a doubt, Vespa has been a great joy for Salher® in 2018. This DAF, manufactured in Europe in fiberglass and stainless steel, is already being used as a primary treatment for urban and industrial water in plants all around the world with successful results.


On the other hand, the change of the logo and the consequent evolution of the Salher® brand identity have meant a firm step for the conversion of the company towards new market trends and new media.


The Spanish company continues to expand internationally. During the year, Salher® has participated in eight international exhibitions, such as IFAT Munich, AQUATECH Shanghai, ECWATECH Moscow or WEFTEC New Orleans. In addition, since the announcement in January of the opening of its first delegation in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, Salher® has incentivized its presence in the Asian market.

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