Salher® grew during 2018 as water engineering company of large-scale projects

Posted on December 27, 2018

Countries such as Algeria, Cuba, Cameroon, Belarus, Malaysia, Togo, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Qatar or Spain already have Salher® water treatment plants.

In recent years, as Salher® has progressively improved its positioning as engineering, it has achieved large international works. In 2018 Salher® has carried out three large-scale projects in the EPCM modality (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) in Belarus, Costa Rica and Cuba.


The first one, in Belarus, consists of a complete plant with sludge treatment and water reuse, with a capacity for 7500 population equivalent, for a mining processing industry. During the development phase of the project, Salher® worked together with one of the most recognized engineering companies in Belarus.
In order to treat the daily flow of 710 m3/day, Salher® designed a biological treatment for organic matter removal by moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR), which would guarantee yields close to 95% in wastewater treatment and an space-saving of around 50% of the plant.


In the province of Limón, in Costa Rica, Salher® launched an industrial wastewater treatment plant in October with a water treatment and sludge treatment line for the maritime container terminal at the Moín port. Salher® was responsible for the design of the plant and the manufacture of the equipment, in addition to supervising the installation.

This marine container terminal is one of the largest in Latin America, currently mobilizing 700,000 containers and with plans to increase up to 1.25 million containers in 2025.

In Cuba, the "turnkey" project for the Havana Club Internacional distiller consisted of a treatment plant for cleaning and condensate water from one of the main rum industries worldwide.

The main difficulty of this project for Salher® was to design a compact station in the limited space of a factory already built. In addition, all the elements of the station were manufactured in Spain and transported in modules in a maritime container to be assembled in Cuba.

At the beginning of summer, Salher® proceeded with the start-up of the plant that works with high yields since then, eliminating the costs of transporting its industrial water in tankers to be treated in municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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