Ultrafiltration: Find out all about the keys of Salher® water treatments through membranes technology

Posted on February 19, 2019

Salher® has more than ten years of experience manufacturing high efficiency ultrafiltration systems for urban and industrial wastewater reuse plants, for compact drinking water treatment plants and as pretreatment in reverse osmosis processes.

Throughout its long career as a manufacturer of ultrafiltration plants, Salher® keeps using a membrane brand of international prestige, so it knows perfectly its application capacity in each particular case.

The following video shows how a Salher® ultrafiltration plant works:

More videos about water treatments and related information of the water sector are available on
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Another of the most relevant aspects of the Salher® ultrafiltration systems is its exclusive automatic cleaning system, of proven effectiveness. This allows to maintain a constant filtration performance for extended periods, wherever this water is coming from.


To treat wastewater from the campsite of an oil plant in the Algerian desert, Salher® opted to incorporate an ultrafiltration system as a tertiary treatment. The yields of the combination of the biological reactor and the ultrafiltration system removed a 99% of BOD5 and reduced  turbidity by 95-99.8%.

The plant, which is installed underground, includes ultrafiltration modules with hydrophilic tubular membranes, reinforced hollow fiber, with a pore size of less than 0.1 μm. It currently works for 500 equivalent inhabitants, treating 75 m³ per day.



In the Madrid district of Las Tablas is the BBVA City, a complex of 114,000 square meters that serves as the headquarters of the famous bank. In the center of this financial city is the intelligent building of La Vela, a 19-story circular tower that is also sustainable, since it has a complete Salher® water reuse system.

To provide the complex with "efficiency in the use of water", Salher® was responsible for the design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of four grey water reuse systems (water from toilets for the recharge of toilets and urinals) through ultrafiltration technology and two systems for rainwater reuse, for gardens watering.


In Colombia, in the municipality of Marinilla, and hand in hand with a major Spanish engineering company, Salher® designed and supplied a plant to treat 18 m3/h of the waters of the Negro River and obtain potable water, according to Decree 1594 of 1984, issued by Colombia.

The water treatment plant is integrated into the execution project of a hydroelectric plant, therefore, Salher® had to first agree on the correct implementation of the purification equipment with the engineering and the promoter responsible for this work.

To achieve the required water quality, Salher® developed a comprehensive control treatment of surfactants and oils present in the water, through a line that included a chemical conditioning, a dissolved air flotation unit, an activated carbon filtration system for material removal organic water, a compact ultrafiltration system and an adequate disinfection.

Throughout all these years, Salher® engineers have worked to ensure their customers a constant filtering quality and an economical, safe and fully automated operation. Thanks to this, today we can talk about Salher® as a reference company in ultrafiltration systems.

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