Water Treatment Plant Control Panels

Water treatment plant control panel
Over the last ten years, political, legal, technological and economic factors have allowed the digitalization of the water treatment sector for increased efficiency of water treatment.
The increase of federal regulations worldwide encourages the existence of an objective and safe measurement system.

Development of instrumentation equipment (sensors).

Nowadays, it is recommended to use continuous measurement systems through sensors, to collect information in real time and act or adapt to situations. 
The instrumentation elements control the level of:
  • chlorine
  • redox
  • hardness
  • soiling (through pressure differentials)
  • temperature
  • pH
  • turbidity
  • electrical conductivity
  • oils…

control panel board

Control of the WWTP operation

The electrical equipment, valves, sensors, electrodes, pumps, etc. are managed by a programmable automaton which supervises the elements of the installation and manages the start, function, stop, and alarms of the equipment.

A synoptic table is included with the 3D graphic representation of the equipment including pilot lights and diodes indicating the status of operation, stop or failure of the referred equipment. 

To visualize and control the installation remotely, control equipment of the treatment plant is provided through a remote station with SCADA or GSM.

Easy handling and operation, the control systems do not require highly-qualified staff.

Digitalization of the data for monitoring and remote control of the plant.

The data digitalization allows for involvement and reactivity from the technical staff of the plants and ensures optimal maintenance, including:

  • Monitoring of all data in real time
  • Secure sending of reports depending on frequency need, always accessible, and history (trend lines)
  • Touchscreen
  • Alerts sending (SMS, emails) for subsequent support provided by technical Salher staff
  • Remote control of the plant

Salher provides:

  • Complete electrical engineering, including design of electrical sketches, commissioning and maintenance
  • Manufacture and assembling of panel boards.
  • Electrical installation
  • Programming
  • Complete teleprocessing of the WWTP

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