Disinfection and oxidation systems

List of products for the disinfection of pretreated wastewater with high turbidity, for reuse in garden irrigation, golf courses, cistern refill, car washing, etc.

Purication systems

Disinfection technologies: chlorine or UV systems

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Disinfection and oxidation system - SAL-CL

Automatic chlorine station for drinking water tank (legionellosis proliferation prevention).


Disinfection and oxidation system - SAL-CLPH


Disinfection and oxidation system - SAL-RX

Chlorine – redox automatic equipment to maintain the water quality inside fire tanks, reuse tanks, WWTP effluent pathogen germs removal.



Automatic chlorination system -  CVC-CE

Treated wastewater disinfection, for pathogen removal and water reuse.



Disinfection system through UV - EST-UV

UV disinfection station. 

Disinfection of treated wastewater with high turbidity or abnormal color. Includes removal of pathogens, maintaining control of water in reservoirs and water reuse for irrigation.


Disinfection and oxidation system - SAL-OZ

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