Oil separator with by-pass, Salher® brand, in Kazakhstan


Salher® supplies an oil separator with by-pass, reference CHC-SHL-O-BP, Class I, outlet inferior to 5 ppm, with nominal flow of 30 l/s and maximal flow of 150 l/s.

This separator is appropriate for rainwater collection of large surfaces, such as airports, motorways and shopping center parkings. Thanks to its derivation system or by-pass, it is able to regulate the flow to treat.Furthermore, it is composed of sand and solids settling chamber, oil separation accumulation chamber and coalescing plates with optimal relation capacity/surface.

Hydrocarbon separators, Salher® brand, have obtained the CE certificate in accordance with the European Standard EN-858. This standard contains definitions and specifies the nominal flows, design principles, efficiency requirements, CE marking, tests and quality control of light liquid separator systems.

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Wastewater treatment plant engineering – Liquid/solids separation equipment for industrial and municipal process applications – Surface waters – Groundwater – Water reuse – Drinking water – Hydrocarbon and oil water separation.

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