Hospitals and Healthcare centers

Hospitals, healthcare centers and clinics require specialized treatments for their discharges, due to the potentially dangerous nature of their effluent. As a result, hospitals’ wastewater treatment constitutes a higher priority than that of the average household consumption.

Wastewater treatments from hospitals.

In addition to bacteria and antibiotic-resistant organisms, there are harmful substances such as mercury, anesthetics, disinfectants, antibiotics. This is the reason why it is necessary to evaluate the polluting load in the daily wastewater flow of hospitals.

Besides sewage treatments, SALHER® supplies many specifics treatments: ultrafiltration, lamellar decantation, physicochemical, disinfection treatment, UV treatment. These will be customized to provide supplementary safety measures in compliance with the discharge requirements of sewage water.




Hospital in Luanda (Angola)

WWTP for 1.000 PE

Pumping station and biological reactor

Hospital in Adrar (Algeria)

Modular plant for 1.000 PE

Hospital in Menongue (Angola)

WWTP for 150 beds with final disinfection treatment

Purification plant (6 m³/h)

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