Small & Medium Population

We work primarily with small towns, cities with a size of less than 2.000 inhabitants, and those not exceeding 5.000 inhabitants.

Urban wastewater treatment plant.

Salher® provides appropriate wastewater treatment solutions to small and medium urban centers, which come with the following advantages:

  • Economic: minimal or absence of electrical energy consumption.

  • Technique: easy to install. High resistance, durability and efficiency.

  • Management: immediate commissioning. Equipments are able to work after completion of connections. Low maintenance.

  • Aesthetic: respect of the aesthetic and landscape criteria.

Salher is also mindful of issues surrounding seasonality and isolated populations. Cities which multiply their population in summer increase significantly the volume of wastewater, especially during water shortage. 

Within the range of WWTP, Salher distributes wastewater treatment systems for small communities up to 50 people for family residences, rural hotels, campsites, etc.

Treated wastewater reuse.

Salher provides greywater reuse and rainwater systems. These complementary or independent treatment systems are made from sturdy and unalterable elements. They are designed in order to reach the higher efficiency and helping reduce operating costs.

 WWTP for touristic resort  WWTP in mountain shelter with sludge dehydration  Salher complete urban WWTP

WWTP for touristic resort on Saket beach (Algeria).

2.100 PE.

WWTP in mountain shelter with sludge dehydration.

70 PE (Sierra de Gredos, Spain).

Complete urban WWTP (Argelia).

1.500 PE.

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