Salher® is committed to virtual reality to innovate its services

Posted on styczeń 11, 2019
Innovation in the water sector is possible. With this in mind, Salher® starts every year working hard to improve products and services and, ultimately, to generate customer satisfaction.

For three years, the designers team of Salher® has been working to perfect every single equipment that you could find in a wastewater treatment plant. Among other advantages, the main added value of this service is to bring to the customer a reproduction as reliable as possible of what the project will be.

The most common for hydraulic engineering projects is the two-dimensional design. A couple of years ago, Salher® began to offer its clients the development of 3D renders of each project easing the visualization of the final appearance of the underground, half-underground and above-ground WWTP. This year, however, Salher® goes one step further, consolidating the design of water treatment plants in virtual reality.

On our YouTube channel you will find other of our videos of wastewater treatment plants in 3D and VR.

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