Salher® compact purification water plants in Africa for surface waters.

Posted on марта 21, 2016

Drinking water is not within everyone’s reach. In the environment, water does not meet all the quality requirements set in the quality standard norms. A purification water plant is thus necessary.

Salher Ibérica provides its technology to facilitate the access to drinking water. Its experience in urban and industrial wastewater treatment covers the entire project life cycle: design, manufacturing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the plant.

Salher Ibérica provides a complete programme of prefabricated compact plants for water purification for small populations, public institutions and private companies. Salher equipments are a quality brand reference on both domestic and international markets, with installations in several continents

Installation of water purification plants in hospitals - West and Central Africa

Salher® compact plants are an efficient technical and low cost solution, for both installation and operation, meeting the requirements set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for drinking water.

Design of a complete WWTP + WPTP for the hospital of Menongue (Angola).

The treatment system is sized for a flow of 42 m³ /day.

The treatment plant is composed of the following elements:

  • Pre-treatment: screening of coarse and fine solids.

  • Secondary treatment: WWTP with activated sludge with efficiency of 95% for removal of organic and contaminating matter.

The compact water treatment plant (WPTP) consists in a physical-chemical treatment + lamellar settling + filtration, designed for a flow of 5.4 m3/h.

The water purification plant has a fully automatic operation. It is composed of protection elements for pumps and panel board for control and operation.

Implementation of a water purification plant for the hospital in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)

Designed for a daily 20 m³/day total consumption, the capacity of production of the plant has been calculated for a treatment of 2,5 m³/h (max).

The treatment line of the compact purification plant is composed of the following processes:

  • Raw water collection

  • Oxidation / previous chlorination

  • Physical-chemical treatment

  • pH adjustment

  • Lamellar settling

  • Multi-layer filtration and dechlorinator

  • Final disinfection including a storage tank with a volume of 40 m³.

Mechanical, electrical and control devices are integrated into a preassembled 20 feet containerized structure, for an immediate commissioning.

Compact purification plant (Menongue Hospital)

Compact purification plant (Malabo Hospital).

Drinking water tank volume: 40 m³




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