Salher General Conditions of sale




  • Unless there is a special stipulation writing, the placing of an order with Salher implies acceptance by the client of these legal conditions. No provision made by the client may differ from Salher’s if it has not been expressly accepted by Salher.
  • The illustrations and engravings of our products in catalogs, brochures, offers, have no other character than orientation, whose dimensions, etc. are subject to any further modification, without prior notice and can not be considered as contractatuales in any case.



  • The prices published by Salher do not include taxes, shipping or installation costs, and are valid except for typographical errors.


Delivery deadlines

  • They are approximate, not accepted unless expressly agreed otherwise and in writing, any responsibility for delays, beyond the seller’s will, which may not be grounds for cancellation of the order. The delivery time will be considered from the receipt by SALHER of the order, or as the case may be from the last clarification, necessary modification provided by the client.


Expeditions, deliveries and claims

  • Our goods always travel at the recipient’s expense and risk unless expressly agreed.
  • The delivery will be considered made at the moment in which the carrier has placed the products at the disposal of the client and the latter has signed the delivery receipt document.
  • It is up to the client to verify the products upon receipt and expose all the reservations and claims that may be justified in the delivery receipt document.
  • SALHER does not commit to any urgent shipment. The delivery times indicated by Salher are for guidance and Salher endeavors to respect them. However, your delay will not imply the cancellation of the order or any compensation. Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the client in his order is without effect.
  • SALHER will always try to send the products through the agency it deems appropriate. However, it reserves the right to send them by the means it deems appropriate if necessary to fulfill its commitments.
  • In the shipments to other countries the charges corresponding to the Canarian local taxes and the entrance customs clearance must be paid by the client at the moment of receiving the shipment.
  • SALHER reserves the right to send orders by installments.


Packaging and transport

  • Given the specialty of the products, once the order is placed, it can only be canceled whenever Salher so authorizes it. This authorization for return acceptance will depend on the type of product.
  • As a general rule once the order is placed, Salher will not accept returns of material, unless expressly indicated by Salher.
  • Packing and transportation if not agreed otherwise and others will be paid by the customer.



All products marketed and manufactured by Salher are guaranteed by a defect of construction or material. This WARRANTY is limited to the simple change of defective parts recognized without obligation to any type of compensation in any case. In case that the operation of The GUARANTEE would have to be verified at the place of placement of the equipment, the respective expenses will be borne by the buyer, and Salher can demand the shipment of the materials to the factory whenever he considers it appropriate.

When the material is our manufacture, the WARRANTY will be limited to the one that is not granted by the manufacturer, and will cease, declining all our responsibility, when the supplied material has been placed outside our manufacture or has been made any modification or repair by incompetent personnel or without our express consent.The following will not be covered by this WARRANTY: cases of force majeure, inexperience in handling, natural wear and tear, alteration of the electric line, defective installation or installation made without our intervention, poor maintenance, nonconforming use to the recommendations indicated in our instruction manuals or any other defect or disorder not attributable to our machines or our personnel. By limiting our WARRANTY to the one specified, we do not accept any responsibility other than that contained therein, without, therefore, the client demand payment of any compensation.

In any case, they will lose the guarantees offered when the buyer has not fulfilled the payment obligations established by the parties.


Storage expenses

  • Storage costs are 2% per month after the first 30 days. In this case, the invoice will be issued to the customer after 30 days, with the date of payment established by the parties obliging the buyer to comply with it.



  • In the event that the client hires Salher for the installation and assembly of the contracted equipment, the guarantee will be extended to this new service. The delays and interruptions in the assembly or commissioning that are not caused by Salher, will be attributed to the buyer all extra expenses generated by these stoppages.
  • In the event that Salher is not responsible for the assembly and installation of the equipment, the installer will be responsible for any problem with the same.



  • Salher hopes that the disagreements that may arise will be resolved in a friendly manner. When this is not possible, the client expressly submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid for its resolution.

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