Water purification treatments

Design, implementation and operation of water purification systems to remove salts and pollutants from the surface, underground, brackish and seawater.


Depending on the degree of purity required, Salher designs and manufactures pre-mounted, ready to operate (Plug & Play), modular, expandable and containerizable water purification and disinfection systems.

Action areas:

  • Drinking water suitable for human consumption.
  • Food industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Cosmetic industry.
  • Energy sector.
  • Hospital sector.
  • Chemical industry.

Our planet contains some 1,386 million cubic kilometres of water. Its quantity and distribution have not changed significantly in the last two billion years; however, its consumption demand is constantly growing. The following video shows what we can do to address this situation with Salher water purification systems to reduce pollution and hydric stress.

Compact and mobile water purification systems

Salher compact water treatment plants or WPP provide drinking water for populations up to 15.000 inhabitants everywhere, including remote areas.

Compact water treatment plants with extensive modularity.

Salher develops optimized treatment lines for flows up to 2400m³/day:

  • Small and medium populations.
  • Continuous emergency situation.
  • Immediate emergency situation.

Designed to be placed in container or compact structures to optimize the available space, these drinking water treatment plants have a modular design and are easy expandable if needed.

Auxiliary equipment for water purification plant.

Salher includes auxiliary equipment to provide a complete solution and guarantee a total efficiency of the plant: 

  • GPRF water storage tanks up to 150.000 liters for raw water, treated water and rejected water.
  • Container or transport shed prepared for extreme environment.
  • High pressure pumps for reliable supply of treated water.

Desalination plants

Salher designs reverse osmosis (RO) plants to treat brackish and seawater whose salt concentration exceeds 20 meq/l (1000 μS/cm).


Reverse osmosis treatment plants remove:

  • Ions (efficiency >99%).
  • Nitrates, ammonium (80-90%).
  • Boron (50-60%).
  • Bacteria and pathogens virus.

For salinity levels lower than 20 meq/l, such as surface and well water, Salher recommends ion exchange technology.

Advanced pretreatments of reverse osmosis

We recommend installing pretreatment equipment to remove suspended solids, algae, sediments, etc. A right pretreatment allows optimizing the WPP design, maximizes its useful life and reduces the operation costs (capex).

Dissolved air flotation (DAF).

Quick clarification and high removal efficiency of suspended solids. Very efficient separation of grease and oils from water.

Lamellar settling.

Treatment for water with high turbidity through compact equipment and with large lamellar surface.


Filtration of several types and with different filtration ranges for a complete removal of suspended solids and waste which affect the efficiency of RO membrane.

  • Disc filter.
  • Multimedia filter.
  • Microfiltration.
  • Ultrafiltration.
  • Nanofiltration.

Chlorine reducer treatment (Dechlorination).

Physical removal by means of activated carbon and/or chemical filters through sodium bisulfite, to prevent membranes from being damaged by traces of chlorine.

Anti-fouling treatment.

Effective to prevent the precipitation of the calcium phosphate and the calcium carbonate on the RO membranes.

Post-treatment systems

Salher offers a range of specific treatments for the treated water conditioning according to the required quality and the final use of the water.


  • Final disinfection equipment through automatic pH control system and water and chlorination of water treated on tank.
  • Remineralization system of the treated water for human consumption.

Water purification plants control and monitoring systems


  • Production of the electrical panel baords, automaton programming (PLC) and supervision through SCADA of the treatment line efficiency.

    For further information, please consult  “Water treatment plant control panel”.

WPP maintenance systems

All the compact water purification plants Salher have the required cleaning systems for a complete automation of the plant as well as the lowest impact on the equipment properties (filters and membranes) and pressure operation over time. 

Flushing and chemical cleaning (CIP).

When the water arriving to the membranes contains substances such as metallic oxide, aluminium silicate, organic matter, colloidal particles, microorganisms and other less common pollutants, dirtiness occurs. The specific washing of the membranes maintains its properties to avoid the load loss and the flow decrease during its useful life.

Compact plant for above-ground water and well water.

Compact plant for above-ground water and well water.

Disinfection system.

Compact purification plant.

Compact purification plant.


Salher Products

Designed and developed to meet all the requirements in water treatments.



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