Latin America set sights on Salher’s water reuse solutions

Mar 21, 2024

Over the last year Latin America has shifted the balance towards sustainabily to protect its water resources and improve the region’s quality of life. An increase in investment and the number of success stories has encouraged many companies to rely on Salher water reuse technologies.

Despite possesing almost a third of the available fresh water resources of the Planet, Latin America is not spared from water stress. For this reason, the region is witnessing the highest number of municipalities, industries and other private companies from all sectors installing water reuse systems, such as those of Salher.

The motivations are diverse and range from the social and economic development of the different countries to the control of hydric stress and the commitment to more sustainable models. Also at the governmental level, some countries in the region are adapting their laws to promote water reuse. For example, in Brazil, the renewal of the regulatory framework will help to stimulate the implementation of wastewater reuse projects in industrial and agricultural processes.

Climate change and the increasing demand for water are putting unprecedented pressure on water resources. Water reuse offers a solution to this crisis and allows both scarcity and pollution to be tackled efficiently.

Here are some of Salher’s most recent reuse projects for Latin America:

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Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro Hotel

  • Location: Dominican Republic.
  • Capacity: 1.600 m³/day.
  • Compact reuse water system by means of ultrafiltration membranes technology.
  • Scoop: Enigeening, manufacturing, equipment supply, commissioning and technical training.

Puebla textil industry

  • Location: Mexico.
  • Capacity: 240 m3/day.
  • Compact reuse water system by means of ultrafiltration membranes technology for garden irrigation.
  • Scoop: Engineering, manufacturing and equipment supply.




Cancun AVA Resort, RCD Hotels

  • Location: Mexico.
  • Capacity: 1.920 m³/day.
  • Eight compact reuse water system by means of ultrafiltration membranes technology.
  • Scoop: Enigeening, manufacturing and equipment supply.


Banana processors industry

  • Location: Guatemala.
  • Capacity: 100 m³/day.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plant including water reuse system for garden irrigation.
  • Scoop: Engineering, manufacturing, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, technical documentation and training.

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