Salher pumping stations: features and functions

Jul 7, 2020

Salher has 40 years of experience manufacturing pumping stations of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GFRP) for any type of clean water and wastewater, of multiple sizes.

Salher pumping stations are prefabricated and they are usually placed at the head of our water treatment plants, to ensure the water to be treated reaches from a lower level to the level where our plants are located.

Beyond our recognized experience, some of the characteristics that make the difference of the quality of Salher brand pumping stations:


  • We have a catalogue of Salher standard pumping stations, which gives us great flexibility to configure pumping stations of up to 200 m3 / h, with manifolds of different depths, pedestrian folding covers, valve boxes, self-cleaning bottoms, stairs and a wide range of accessories.
  • In addition, we design customized pumping stations with flameproof level measurement systems, by ultrasound, with different types of pumps and pipe finishes in stainless steel or polypropylene (PP).
  • For other special configurations, we develop pumping stations with large holding capacities or high collector depth, installations with a high water table, or isolated installations where remote monitoring or the sending of signals using a GSM system is necessary.
  • We work with a wide range of pump brands, so we always select the one that best suits the requirements of each client, betting on the highest quality, so that the pump stantions are as efficient as possible.
  • The are essentially Plug and Play equips, where the instrumentation and valves are already connected. Once installed you just have to slide the pumps inside, connect the input and output to the electrical current, and that’s it.
  • The outer structure of the Salher pumping stations is manufactured in GFRP, according the UNE-12050-1 Standard, to guarantee their reliability.
  • Our Technical Department can help in the calculation of wastewater and rainwater flows and the complete calculation of the necessary elevation system in each case.

What is a pumping station and what is it for?

A pumping station is an equip used to raise a flow to a higher height. To do this, the pumping station must have a holding tank (in our case, an outer structure made of GFRP) and a boost system aided by the necessary electrical instrumentation (level measurement systems or level regulators, protection panel board and command).

The equip consists of the outer structure, with inlet and impulsion pipes and outlets for cables and ventilation. Submersible water pumps are fixed to the bottom of the equip and they are used to boost water and fluids of all kinds:

  • Domestic, industrial and urban wastewater,
  • Rainwater,
  • Sludge from water treatment plants,
  • Effluens from water treatment plants,
  • Recirculations, etc.

In a pumping station, it is important to properly size the volume of the tank where the water is stored before being pumped, to reduce the number of pump boots and to improve pumping with the lowest energy consumption and maximum reliability. Accordingly, at the forefront of water treatment solutions worldwide, Salher offers innovative systems for water treatment in an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way.

Salher’s technical department develops the design of each project, carrying out the manufacture, supplying and commissioning of these pumping stations, so that the choice of system is appropriate for each application.

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