Environmental protection solutions: Salher wastewater treatment plants

Oct 27, 2021

The current climate reality is extremely worrying. In fact, the latest study by the World Meteorological Organisation reveals that every day in the last fifty years, somewhere in the world, an extreme weather event has occurred. Salher contributes to the fight against climate change through its commitment to the way it applies water treatment technology.

There is much room for improvement in the fight to curb climate change and protect water resources, and beyond individual good intentions to recycle and save on water and energy consumption, Salher advocates methods to boost efficiency.

The wastewater treatment plants designed and manufactured by Salher avoid the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. They also offer the option of reducing anoxic conditions, the presence of fertilisers and urban and industrial pollution in wastewater discharges.

The Salher water reuse systems are adapted to the new UNE-EN 16941-2:2021 standard, dated 1 September 2021, and represent a very interesting initiative for the use of treated greywater and rainwater in buildings in cities seeking to be more environmentally friendly.

The automation of Salher water treatment plants ensures a more optimal operation with more precise processes and prevents system failures. Thanks to this systematic control, it is guaranteed that the pollutant loads of the water at the outlet are in accordance with the values established by law, preventing the pollution of watercourses or natural sources.

Salher designs its WWTP based on four principles:

  • Adapting to the plant’s inlet loads by means of a tailor-made design.
  • Choosing the most suitable treatment line for the discharge requirements and adapting the stages to basic and future requirements, allowing for extensions and further optimisation.
  • Planning mechanisms to reduce the plant’s electricity consumption.
  • Remote monitoring to reduce travel and maintenance costs.

Energy-efficient solutions

Find out about the most sustainable solutions in our product catalogue for wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment.

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