Salher invests in automation for the control of its water treatment plants

Jan 8, 2021

Digitalisation is a current reality that has a positive impact on people’s lives by easing daily tasks. From the water sector, Salher takes advantage of the digital tools, as the automated control panel, to guarantee the most optimal performance of its wastewater treatments and its reuse and drinking water systems.

Salher offers integral solutions for the water treatment from the engineering study, the project design and the equipment manufacturing, to the commissioning, the control and the maintenance. Learn more about the after-sales Salher services which helps to extend the life-cycle of your water treatment plant and practically forget about its maintenance.

In recent years, Salher has decided to incorporate an Electrical Department into the company which provides a complete service, ranging from the design of the electrical diagrams, through the development of the control panel and electrical installation, to the programming of the equipment.

In this way, Salher water treatment plants are provided with a systematic and automated control that ensures the proper performance of the equips and prevents system failures.

Salher Electrical Department Services

  • Possibility of remote assistance for the diagnosis of breakdowns in the equips and Salher technicians assistance.
  • All automated equips undergo extensive and specific performance testing to guarantee the required quality.
  • Use of top brand components, all certified according to the latest international standards.
  • All Salher systems comply with the low-voltage regulations and the standing machine safety.
  • Salher develops its own automated control panels, which allows it to meet the needs of every project.
  • Salher’s qualified team of electrical experts has its own workshop with all the necessary machinery for the assembly and testing (insulation, rigidity,…) of the automated control panels.
  • Control panel manufacturing is always made in accordance with the technical documentation generated by the Salher engineers and, if necessary, approved by the client.
Cuadro eléctrico Salher para industria cárnica de Bielorrusia

A smart and sustainable investment

When installing a wastewater treatment plant it is very important to control, besides the proper performance during the process, that the pollutants loads of water at the outlet comply with the required values. That is especially dangerous when the wastewater treatment plant discharges into a watercourse or a natural source.

Manual control is a time-consuming work and it should be extensive: samples must be taken first, then they are analysed and the values are quickly adjusted. Thanks to continuous measurement systems using sensors, we have real-time information that makes us more responsive.

Salher’s automated control panels make its water treatment systems more efficient, as they allow processes to be executed with a much higher level of precision than in a manual process.

Pressure, height or weight measurements, among others, are calculated to avoid downtimes or interruptions due to errors or changes in the process, which provides interesting cost savings.

Digitisation optimises the chemical dosage and the energy consumption of plants, ultimately becoming a sustainable future solution in the use of resources.

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