New Salher wastewater treatment project in the Caribbean will help protect Caibarien’s coastline

Jun 8, 2021

The water treatment systems created by Salher engineers are collaborating to stop the pollution of seas and oceans around the world. The last project in which the Spanish company has participated consists of a wastewater treatment plant generated by a Cuban fishing industry.

On this occasion, Salher has offered its services of engineering and project design, manufacture and supply of equipment. This industrial WWTP, which will be commissioned soon, will allow the fishing industry to stop discharging its wastewater into the Caribbean Sea. The technology chosen is low-load activated sludge, in order to obtain an effluent with quality for discharge into the sea.

This project includes a tertiary treatment phase, which will contribute to the recycling of wastewater by means of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration systems. This water will be reused for cleaning the industry, in flushers and cisterns, and for maintenance of the cooling towers.

On the other hand, to take advantage of the sludge generated during the wastewater treatment process, the plant has a Salher sludge dehydration system to obtain a sludge with a degree of dryness greater than 30% that can be reused as fertilizer for agricultural crops.

Salher compact drinking water treatment plants

At the same time, Salher has supplied a compact drinking water treatment plant to desalinate brackish water, which will be used in the industrial process of this fish factory. The water treatment plant consists of an ultrafiltration stage, oxidant treatment with ozone, filtrations with a descaler and dechlorinator, antifouling system, reverse osmosis and final disinfection with sodium hypochlorite and pH adjustment.

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