Salher is ranked among the leading companies in the sector of water purification plants in 2018

Jun 4, 2019

With a history of almost 40 years in the treatment of water, Salher has relied in the recent years on the development of compact water treatment plants with the aim of expanding its treatment line and thus cover all areas of the integral water cycle.

The degree of specialization of the water purification department team and the constant improvement of the technologies and working methods of Salher are the main keys to the successful conquest of this market in a record time.

With regard to the different water purification treatments, Salher stands out for covering both conventional processes and other new ones in the market. Proof of this are its innovative proposals in reverse osmosis systems, the incorporation of continuous electrodeionization technology (CEDI) in its line of treatment or the use of new specific filtration materials, such as combinations of zeolites with other compounds or activated carbons of different types.

Innovation is always an important point in any engineering company. In the case of Salher, the investment in R + D + i, with an incessant search for optimization of purification processes, both internally and externally through the participation in forums and technical seminars in the sector, has been another important factor in the consolidation of the department. This commitment to innovation has allowed the development of new technologies in water desalination and demineralization and its rapid incorporation into manufacturing lines.

Regarding the commercial approach, Salher always puts the client in the foreground thanks to a fluid communication in order to provide a customized service adapted to the client’s needs and assessment along the whole process of supply to guarantee his full capacity to operate the installation.

On the other hand, the access to 3D and virtual reality sizing technologies in all Salher equipment also extends to our water treatment plants, which allows us to achieve greater precision in the manufacturing and the subsequent optimization of delivery deadlines to customer.

Thank to all these factors, we accelerated our global growth, achieving in four years the supply of potable water to more than 15 countries and in a wide variety of scenarios that cover power plants, laboratories, universities, food industries, hotels and population centers.

Among our references in water purification, our extensive experience related to hospitals should be highlighted; we supply of soft and disinfected water according to the hygiene parameters of the sector.

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