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Sep 23, 2020

For 40 years, Salher has developed wastewater treatment equips, emphasizing innovation and quality in the production process.

Engineers and Manufacturers. Salher has become a specialist in the design of wastewater treatment, reuse and drinking water systems, with special care in the performance, operability and durability of the systems. This is how the Spanish company obtained its first quality certificates issued by an approved body by ENAC: the Salher water treatment plants were subjected to structural behavior and performance tests according to the UNE-EN 12566-3 standard.

Progressively, Salher has been adding certifications, such as the one regarding the design and manufacture of hydrocarbon separators. These equips have undergone structural, chemical resistance and impact resistance tests, as well as performance tests based on UNE-EN 858-1. Also Salher pumping stations are designed according to the EN 12050-1 standard.

Salher is an entity clearly committed to the management of its Quality System, established since 2003. In 2018, with the implementation of the new ISO 9001: 2015, Salher expanded the scope of its Quality management system to tertiary treatments of water and drinking water systems, with assembly tests and internal functioning tests.

Los técnicos de Salher realizan controles de calidad de cada uno de los equipos

Productive Process & Quality Certificates

In its pursuit to manufacture quality equips, Salher developed two own manufacturing systems following the indications of the UNE-EN 976 standard.

On the one hand, the filament winding that consists of the multi-angle cross winding (MA) of fiberglass impregnated with polyester resin. This manufacturing system is used in buried tanks made of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) and in horizontal cylindrical tanks for the pressureless storage of liquid petroleum fuels, in which its laminate has an interior gel-coat barrier enriched as chemical protection.

The loads to which an MA deposit is subjected, whether buried or on the surface, are uniformly distributed in the multidirectional threads, which considerably increases its structural resistance. This improves mechanical strength by more than 20% over traditional manufacturing methods.

Salher’s second manufacturing method consists of the simultaneous projection of fiberglass and resin, applied directly on the part or mold, for gluing the pieces and the non-cylindrical parts of the tanks. This manufacturing method allows to give the final product totally homogeneous mechanical and chemical characteristics and guarantees the perfect sealing of the precast.

The manufacture of our equipment has been externally tested by a laboratory accredited by ENAC. Tensile strength tests (UNE-EN ISO 527-4), flexural strength tests (UNE-E ISO 14125) and, finally, Izod impact resistance (UNE-EN ISO 180) were performed.

Pruebas de color RAL de Salher

Salher equips are manufactured according to regulations and following customer specifications

Control of internal production

To control the manufacture of the Salher equips, the Production Department, under internal supervision of the Quality Department, carries out the following quality controls:

Dimensional control: The important dimensional parameters are measured: diameter, length and thickness.

Tightness control: Water is introduced into the tanks in order to check that there are no leaks or pores, as well as any other anomaly on their entire surface.

Thickness test: Salher certifies that, according to its ferrules, flat bottoms and Korboggen caps manufacturing system, for the thicknesses calculation and according to the theory of thin sheets of resistance of materials for building elements, minimum thicknesses have been defined, measured with the help of a tester (micrometer, feeler gauge or any other appropriate instrument).

Barcol hardness test: Salher certifies that the characteristics of the laminate comply with a minimum value of 80% of that specified by the resin supplier, after a 24-hour post-curing process.

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