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Pumping stations

Salher proposes standard prefabricated pumping stations, with different options and configurations for each need.

These equipment are composed of an outer GFRP structure (glass fiber reinforced polyester), with inlet and impulsion pipes and outlets for cables and ventilation.

In addition, these pumping stations are equipped with a GFRP or metallic electrical panel board with one or more contactors up to 5.5 hp, thermal relays, star-delta starters from 7.5 hp (inclusive), start/stop indicator lamps, manual or automatic selectors, fuses, automatic rotation (for 2 pumps), optical/acoustic alarm for high level.

Optionally, we can supply voltmeter, ammeter and hour counter, hoist for pump extraction, cast-iron covers, stairs, systems of deodorization and cleaning of the pumping station, self-cleaning bottom, fixing brackets in case of high water table, covers for pedestrian crossing and safety systems against falling.

Its inner part includes the assembly of pipes, 90º curve, elbows, etc., manufactured according to the EN 12050-1 Standard.

Inside the following is included:

submersible pumps (vortex, single-channel or multichannel impeller) with automatic anchoring and descent devices;

level measurement systems through level regulators or ultrasounds;

– and check valves for fecal water and valves of elastic closing gate with mounting in pumping station or in independent valve vault.

In addition to the equipment presented, our Technical Department develops customized pumping stations to satisfy most of the wastewater pumping requests that include optional elements such as:


  • Technical platforms in the tank, to improve the safety of the maintenance operator.
  • Automatic screening systems.
  • Stairs with guardrails.

    More information:

    Please consult our engineers for any general or specific question about this equipment or other water treatment solutions.

    Salher Products

    Hydrocarbon separators

    Drinking water

    • Treatment plants by filtration.
    • Treatment plants by ultrafiltration.
    • Reverse osmosis plant.
    • Desinfection systems.

    Sludge treatments

    Pressure filters

    • High performance vertical industrial filters.
    • Large capacity horizontal industrial filters.
    • Filters for limited height spaces.

    Primary treatments

    • Dissolved Air Flotator Vespa.
    • Settlers.

    Secondary treatments

    • WWTP by activated sludge.
    • WWTP by moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR).
    • WWTP by biomembranes (MBR).
    • WWTP by trickling filter.
    • Specific WWTP.

    Tertiary treatments


    • Screening systems.
    • Grit chambers and grease separators.

    Pumping stations


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