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Primary treatments

To reduce the material in suspension efficiently and to improve the purification performance of wastewater treatment and the quality of the purified water, Salher designs and manufactures advanced primary treatments such as the Vespa DAF or the Lamellar Settler

Vespa, Dissolved Air Flotation unit (DAF)

Lamellar Settler

Dissolved Air Flotation unit (DAF)

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Salher designs and manufactures the Vespa dissolved air flotation unit to separate  suspended solids, grease and oils from wastewater. This system separates the particles in suspension by air microbubbles in a supersaturated concentration. The solids adhere to the microbubbles in their upwards floating path towards the scraping system. The equipment achieves a performance of  50-80% in BOD5 elimination, 60-80% in COD elimination and 90% suspended solids, oils and grease removal.

Vespa is a fully modular and compact equipment, with adaptable layouts and deliverable worldwide, fitting perfectly in standard maritime containers.


The main feature of this DAF, compared to others models of the market, is the cylindrical shape of its customized flotator; its height can be customized to adapt to the needs of each client. It also has a leveling system with adjustable supports for uneven grounds.

This DAF is manufactured by Filament Winding system with an innovative material, a GFRP that combines isophthalic resins with basalt fiber, materials that prevent from corrosion and protect from UV radiation, providing the equipment with a total chemical and mechanical resistance to any type of adverse situation.

Metallic elements are all made of AISI 316 stainless steel: a skimmer for floating particles collection, a flexible scraper system and a clarified water collector with adjustable height conforming an equipment easily adaptable to changes of incoming water loads.

This flotator has an upper methacrylate transparent cover to reduce the odors produced as well as to facilitate the visual inspection of the inner part and the maintenance.

As control elements, Vespa has a butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator for the automatic purge of the equipment, a conductive rods probe placed in the clarified water chamber to control the level of operation.

Its recirculated water pressurization system is composed of a centrifuge pressurization pump, a pressure transmitter in the pump drive, a venturi injector where the first water-air mixture is produced, a pressurization tank with pressure measurement and a pre-installed valve kit, pneumatically actuated diaphragm pressurization valves and a pneumatic control box composed of regulating filter (0-8.5 bar), pressure regulator (0-8.5 bar), flow switch and a set of control electrovalves.

The equipment has all the manual valves necessary for the correct operation of the system and safety elements for emergency stop.

Pipe floculator

The equipment, reference FLC, is the ideal complement for the dissolved air flotation system, Salher brand, reference VESPA, and also for the lamellar settler, reference DE-LA. Its long retention time allows the coagulation and flocculation processes develop under optimal conditions, which greatly increases its yields. The system incorporates in-line inserts for the preparation and control of the flocculation process.

 The Salher flocculation system consists of a pipe system made of thermo-welded polyethylene, an internal frame in steel with anti-corrosion paint category C5-M (degree of marine protection), a height regulation and leveling system, sample taking taps, a coagulant and soda injection intake and another flocculation injection intake.

Automatic Polyelectrolyte Preparation Unit

(see UAP reference, sludge and thickener treatments). 

The automatic preparation unit of compact Polyelectrolyte, Salher brand, allows the preparation, maturation and dosing of the polyelectrolyte solution continuously and automatically.

PH control and regulation system

It consists of a pH measurement probe with control unit for process automation, a soda dosing pump, a reagent injection kit and a 500L reagent storage tank in PEHD.

Coagulation/flocculation system

Composed of coagulant dosing pump, coagulant injection kit, 500L reagent storage tank in HDPE, flocculant dosing pump and flocculant injection kit.

Electrical panel board

The system is supplied fully automated by means of a SIEMENS S7 1200 PLC with a 7 “color touchscreen.  The programming of the panel and the dynamic interface of the different screens facilitate the understanding and correct use by the plant operators.

You may find more information about this DAF in our product catalogue and through the article, Vespa, Salher’s Dissolved Air Flotator, a sales success.


  • Lamellar settler.

  • Settling-digestion equipment, such as vertical and horizontal septic tanks and the Imhoff tank.

  • Closed or open solids truncated cone shape settlers.


Lamellar Settler

The DE-LA lamellar, Salher brand, is a device designed for the continuous settling of suspended sediments transported by wastewater for flows comprised between 5 a 100m3/hour. By installing lamellar modules in the sedimentation chamber, it is possible to increase the effective surface area of settling, which allows to increase the performance of the settler and significantly decreases the surface area of ​​the tanks producing more compact equipment with a greater efficiency. The lamellar settler is an internally demountable equipment to facilitate the extraction of the lamellar set.

This system has applications in both wastewater and water treatment plants:

  • Drinking water clarifier.
  • Grey water treatment.
  • Settling of surface and underground water.
  • Tertiary treatment.
  • Fish farms.
  • Salting.

The internal part of the equipment or tank is manufactured in GFRP and the external is in carbon steel with protection against corrosion, although it can also be manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316. The lamellar set is made of PVC with a 60º slope. The equipment also has a top collection dump for the collection of clarified water, an inlet, outlet and overflow with flanged outlet and a ball valve installed in the outlet.


Septic tanks

The Salher septic tanks are equipment for the removal of suspended solids in settling-digestion manufactured in glass fiber reinforced polyester with orthophtalic resins according to EN-12255-4. There are different types according to their arrangement: small vertical CVC-FS and horizontal CHC-FS.

The Imhoff tank CHC-IMH, Salher brand, is a settling-digestion equipment made of glass fiber reinforced polyester with orthophthalic resins according to EN-12255-4, which is used for the removal of suspended solids, with yields of 70 to 75%, and yields of 35 to 40% in the elimination of organic matter. This equipment includes a longitudinal deflector screen.


Truncated cone shape settlers

There are two models of truncated cone shape settlers: the closed solids settling tank CVC-DC-TC and the open solids settler CVA-DC-TC.

Both equipment have a truncated cone shape, they are manufactured by Salher in glass fiber reinforced polyester with orthophtalic resins for underground installation and they are used for the elimination of suspended solids.

The closed model has an intake in the manhole to install a ventilation pipe.

Further information:

Please consult our engineers for any general or specific question about this equipment or other water treatment solutions.

Salher Products

Hydrocarbon separators

Drinking water

  • Treatment plants by filtration.
  • Treatment plants by ultrafiltration.
  • Reverse osmosis plant.
  • Desinfection systems.

Sludge treatments

Pressure filters

  • High performance vertical industrial filters.
  • Large capacity horizontal industrial filters.
  • Filters for limited height spaces.

Primary treatments

  • Dissolved Air Flotator Vespa.
  • Settlers.

Secondary treatments

  • WWTP by activated sludge.
  • WWTP by moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR).
  • WWTP by biomembranes (MBR).
  • WWTP by trickling filter.
  • Specific WWTP.

Tertiary treatments


  • Screening systems.
  • Grit chambers and grease separators.

Pumping stations


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