XCORPIO is the new Salher DAF for large flows

Jul 19, 2023

Salher has launched a new range of equipment for the physico-chemical treatment of water, its XCORPIO dissolved air flotation unit for large flows.

Dissolved air flotation systems are an ideal method for treating water of various origin and pollution, whether as a primary treatment for the removal of oils and greases, for the reduction of pollutant loads prior to a biological reactor or as a clarifier at the end of a water treatment line. The development of new technologies applied to DAFs culminates with Xcorpio, a robust dissolved air flotation unit for flow rates of up to 3,000 m³/day.

This new equipment is specially designed for wastewater and, with proper preparation of the water to be treated, its performance can reach:
• BOD5 removal: 50-80%.
• COD removal: 60-80%.
• Removal of suspended solids, oils and greases: 90%.

The growing demand for dissolved air flotators that can treat flows of any type and volume has led Salher to develop Xcorpio, its new DAF.

What are the new features and advantages of Xcorpio?

  • Lamella system: This new Salher DAF incorporates lamella modules inside to improve performance. Retention times are reduced, the specific contact surface area is increased, the separation rate of suspended particles is increased and the sedimentation process is faster.
  • In terms of design, Xcorpio is more robust and lighter than other DAFs, as its main body is made of 100% GRP projected by means of an innovative 3D moulding system analysed in CAD.
  • The steel elements that make up the equipment are made of stainless steel.
  • This equipment has a high mechanical resistance, thanks to its manufacturing method.
  • All Xcorpio models are designed to be shipped in sea containers worldwide.
  • During the development of this equipment, we have sought to optimise the performance of the DAF Salher through a simple design that ensures minimum maintenance.
  • Plug-and-Play equipment. Salher offers a dissolved air flotation solution supplied on a GRP structure, with hydraulic and electrical interconnection, ready to operate.
  • Salher’s experience, together with compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and EN 976 quality standards in the manufacture of Xcorpio, guarantee the reliability of the equipment.

In addition, Xcorpio shares with other Salher dissolved air flotation systems, such as the Vespa model, the following elements:

  1. Internal baffles ensure a reduction of dead volumes and uniform dispersion of the dissolved air.
  2. The pipe flocculator increases the retention time of the water to be treated, to prepare it adequately with chemical reagents, with its own frame for its support.
  3. A height-adjustable clarified water collector to control the level of the water sheet.
  4. Chemical addition systems: coagulant, flocculant and base.
  5. pH measurement and control elements.
  6. A liquid polyelectrolyte preparation plant.
  7. An electrical panel board for the complete automation of the DAF system.

You can find more information about our DAF systems in our product catalogue, through the article, Vespa, Salher’s Dissolved Air Flotator, a sales success, or by emailing us at salher@salher.com

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