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In its commitment to a most efficient management of water treatment, Salher designs specific equipment to reduce the volume of sludge generated during the  wastewater treatment process.

Sludge thickener

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Polyelectrolyte preparation unit

Accumulation  of  sludge

Sludge thickener


Salher sludge thickeners are manufactured in GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polyester) with orthophthalic resins and are used for the dehydration or thickening of sludge produced during primary and secondary treatments. They are truncated cone-shaped equipment consisting of a central feeding chamber and a Thompson perimeter canal. They can be supplied for underground or above-ground installation, open (CVA-DC-TC) or closed (CVC-DC-TC), with steel supports (CVA-E-TC) or without. Optionally, a gangway, an access ladder with guardrails and EQ-P exit system, a tramex for the upper part, an upper perimeter rail, a manual or motorized purge valve and an agitator can be provided.

Filter bags


For the dehydration of sludge by filter bags, Salher proposes the FILSA model, manufactured in Polypropylene with internal structure in AISI 304. It is used to eliminate sludge from small and medium WWTP. When the bags have separated the most water from the sludge, they are left in drying areas for final dehydration. The bags used are made of a porous material that allows the passage of water and drying air, and at the same time prevents the retained solids from clogging. The low cost of maintenance and energy of this equipment and its high performance (10-20% of dry matter after a few hours, and 40-80% of dry matter after outdoors storage) are important advantages to be highlighted.

Filter press


The Filter Press (FP) is a fully automated equipment, Salher brand, for the elimination and dehydration of sludge from small and medium WWTP. The dehydration by pressure allows to reach better dryness percentages than other dehydration systems (with results close to 30%, being able to be higher through a correct conditioning of the sludge).

Its main body is made of Q235 high quality steel, processed by sandblasting and painted with epoxy primer. Its vertical plates and filter cloths are made of polypropylene. It includes an hydraulic group to control the closing and opening of the hydraulic cylinder, a pressure measurement system for the automation, an inductive sensor for the opening control of the hydraulic cylinder, a ball valve for the clarified water outlet, a clarified water collection channel made of stainless steel, safety elements for emergency stop and a combined pressure detector to measure the pumping of sludge at the entrance of the equipment and to control the filtering process.

Optionally, an automatic polyelectrolyte preparation unit, a sludge conditioning tank, a sludge feed screw pump, a plate agitation system, a hopper for cakes collection, a lifting structure, a lateral protection in transparent methacrylate, with security control and the electrical panel board with PLC and screen.

Polyelectrolyte preparation unit


The automatic polyelectrolyte preparation unit (UAP), Salher brand, is a compact device to prepare, mature and dose the polyelectrolyte solution continuously and automatically. This equipment is especially designed to flocculate the wastewater to facilitate the solid-liquid separation. It can be used in the urban and industrial wastewater treatment, during the physical-chemical treatment, but also in the sludge treatment to improve the filter press efficiency.

It consists of a GFRP cylindrical tank with a granulated powder polyelectrolyte volumetric dispenser, a low level product sensor in the hopper, a premix nozzle in AISI 304, a filling and mixing solenoid valve, an hydrostatic transmitter to monitor the levels of operation, a polyelectrolyte mixing agitator, a flowmeter with analog output in the filling point, a granulated polyelectrolyte hopper with a capacity of 25 liters.

Accumulation of sludge

The latest equipment, Salher brand, for the treatment of sludge is the underground sludge storage tank CHC-F designed for the concentration of sludge from the secondary settling tanks from 2 500 liters to 15 000 liters. It is a GFRP tank to be installed underground with a set of inlet, ventilation and overflow piping to the head of the plant which includes a pump to place in the secondary settling tank.

More information:

Please consult our engineers for any general or specific question about this equipment or other water treatment solutions.

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