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The screening systems, grit chambers and grease chambers are highly recommended pretreatments to protect electromechanical devices of the water treatment lines and ensure a more efficient operation.

Screening system

Grit chambers and grease separators

Screening system

The screening systems Salher are designed to eliminate coarse and fine solids, in a manual, semi-automatic or automatic way.

Manual screening systems


  • Coarse screening systems with manual cleaning: CVA-ARG, CVA-ARF, CD-ARF and CD-ARG.Coarse and fine solids screening system with manual cleaning, installed in a GFRP canal: CD-MA-D.

Semi-automatic screening systems


  • Coarse and fine solids screening system with manual and automatic cleaning,  installed in GFRP canal: CD-MA-RAC.
  • Fine solids screening system with automatic cleaning for installation in civil works: RAC.

    Automatic screening systems


    TARO 600

    • Coarse solids screening system for installation in pumping station and screening manhole: TA-HEL-MINI.
    • Fine solids screening system, dehydration and waste compaction, for installation in civil works: TA-HEL.

    • Fine solids screening system, dehydration and waste compaction, with stainless steel box for above-ground installation: TA-HEL-S.

    • Fine screening system for pumping station: TA-HEL-PB.

    • Rotary drum sieve for small flows: TARO –MINI.

    • Filtration or screening of solids (separation solid-liquid). Removal of solids with size comprised between 0.25 – 3 mm: TA-RO.



    The compact pretreatment plant (PPC) is a compact dewatering and degreasing plant for the filtration or screening of solids, the elimination of fine solids with a size between 0.25-3 mm, the elimination of sands and dense solids and the elimination of oils and grease. It can incorporate a helical screw screen (PPC-TAHEL AND PPC-TAHEL-D) or a rotary drum sieve (PPC-TARO AND PPC-TARO-D).

    Grit chambers and grease separators

    Salher grit chambers and grease separators are systems made of GFRP to separate sands, oils and organic grease (animal and vegetal) from water by density difference.


    Among Salher grit chambers and grease separators we can find the Grease Separator, which can be horizontal or vertical, CVC-CG and CHC-CG, the horizontal solids grit and settling chamber CHC-DES and the sewage storage tanks CHC-E. In addition, for the hotel sector, Salher proposes the CG-MAN manual grease chamber.

    Salher proposes an even more convenient solution: the automatic grease chamber, which can be an automatic grease separator for above-ground installation PSG or an automatic grease chamber for catering CG-AUT.

    More information:

    Please consult our engineers for any general or specific question about this equipment or other water treatment solutions.

    Salher Products

    Hydrocarbon separators

    Drinking water

    • Treatment plants by filtration.
    • Treatment plants by ultrafiltration.
    • Reverse osmosis plant.
    • Desinfection systems.

    Sludge treatments

    Pressure filters

    • High performance vertical industrial filters.
    • Large capacity horizontal industrial filters.
    • Filters for limited height spaces.

    Primary treatments

    • Dissolved Air Flotator Vespa.
    • Settlers.

    Secondary treatments

    • WWTP by activated sludge.
    • WWTP by moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR).
    • WWTP by biomembranes (MBR).
    • WWTP by trickling filter.
    • Specific WWTP.

    Tertiary treatments


    • Screening systems.
    • Grit chambers and grease separators.

    Pumping stations


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