Solutions for water treatment in the energetic and chemical industry

Energy and Chemistry are interrelated with Water. To generate fuel and electricity, through extraction of coal, oil and gas, and through geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear and to a lesser degree, solar and wind plants, the water consumption footprint is significant. Needless to mention that the extraction, processing and transformation of raw materials also require a major water expenditure.

Salher Engineering and consulting in EPC and PPP Projects.

As a reference in the water sector, Salher collaborates with international engineering and construction companies in the chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, refining and energy production sectors. Salher supplies efficient water treatment and reuse solutions for projects within EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracts and PPP (Public-Private Partnership).

Consulting services:

Sampling, analysis and study of alternatives.

Engineering service:

3D conceptual designs, basic designs (3D flowcharts, 3D electrical panel overview, P&ID) and construction designs (scale treatment plant design), projects reviews.

Manufacturing and supply of tailor-made treatments for each project.

Salher designs and manufactures equipment in its own production lines in Spain, Portugal and Poland to provide solutions according to each projects’ needs. The objective of the company is a zero accident rate. To this end, the R&D department develops pioneering manufacturing  technologies and systems to ensure an optimal operation of wastewater treatment plants.

We highlight the following technologies:

  • Multiangle crossed filament winding system (MA system).
  • Ultra-Reinforced System (UR system).
  • Double wall isothermal system.

Salher selects and incorporates equipment and instruments in order to create an integral water treatment solution.

Salher range of products for the energy and chemical industry.

  • Pretreatments: pumping stations, sieves with automatic cleaning.
  • Advanced primary treatments: DAF.

  • Biological wastewater treatments: low load activated sludge process, MBBR, MBR…

  • Tertiary treatments for wastewater reuse through microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration.

  • Purification and drinking water treatments by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis…

  • Emergency solutions for drinking or ultra-pure water production.

  • Hydrocarbon and mineral oils separation.

Pharmaceutical industry in Paraguay

Complete WWTP with water reuse system for irrigation of green areas.

Paint and dye industry in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Complete WWTP with membrane bioreactor with ultrafiltration ceramic membranes.

Photovoltaic plant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

EPC project with microfiltration and reverse osmosis. 



Salher Products

Designed and developed to meet all the requirements in water treatments.



Discover our potential to innovate and create the ideal solution for every challenge.
Latin America set sights on Salher’s water reuse solutions

Latin America set sights on Salher’s water reuse solutions

Over the last year Latin America has shifted the balance towards sustainabily to protect its water resources and improve the region's quality of life. An increase in investment and the number of success stories has encouraged many companies to rely on Salher water...

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