Solutions for the reuse of wastewater

In the context of water shortage and the implementation of ever higher safety standards, Salher has created solutions that save resources and energy.

Recycling and reuse systems for wastewater.

Big water consumers such as hotels and resorts, golf courses, residential communities, car washing systems should have solutions for the reuse of their water discharge.

To achieve responsible use and consumption of water resources, Salher designs and manufactures grey water (from sinks and showers) and rainwater systems to enable a responsible use and a consumption of water resources.

Filtration and ultrafiltration technologies allow irrigation of gardens and green areas with reuse water, as well as sprinkler irrigation or the recharge of toilet tanks.

Salher equipment help to get energy and sustainable certifications, which can add value to buildings and real-estate facilities, making them more attractive for rent or sale.

These compact technologies are especially interesting for the construction of intelligent buildings, green or sustainable buildings.


Rainwater solutions are designed and manufactured through microfiltration technology. These systems have the capacity to treat flows up to 20 m³/h.

All the systems of reuse can incorporate systems of last generation of control and remote monitoring as well as the sending of digital signals and other signals via GSM for information by SMS to the users or operators of the plants.

WWTP & Reuse Plant in the Power Plant of Mesaieed (Qatar).

Microfiltration and chemical and ultraviolet final disinfection.

Reuse Plant at La Vela building, the headquarter of BBVA in Spain.

4 Greywater reuse systems for the recharge of fluxores and 2 systems for the reuse of rainwater for garden irrigation.

Reuse Plant for domestic use in mining industry in Belarus.

Complete WWTP and reuse system by ultrafiltration.



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Salher launches its new website design

Salher launches its new website design

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Control panel for WWTP

Control panel for WWTP

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Wastewater management for the vegetable processing industry

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