Solutions for the manure and leachates treatment

Salher has developed specific solutions through membranes for the most complex water treatments: manure and leachates. These effluents are charged of highly contaminating materials for underground water, grounds and water courses close to landfills and farms.

Treatment of manure of different sources.

Effluents issued from urine and what oozes from animal manure on farms and livestock are one of the biggest challenges of the wastewater treatment. Manure are a liquid waste charged of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and salts, as well as a high solids concentration.  Salher designs customized plants to treat these wastewater which include:

Automatic screening systems.

Such as rotary drum sieves  for solids removal and equipment protection of the line of treatment.

Dissolved air flotator unit (DAF).

After an appropriate chemical conditioning, diffusers provide air to the effluent.

Ultrafiltration system.

Horizontal ultrafiltration membranes for large flows perform the last phase of the treatment line.

Before its discharge to a natural water course or a municipal collector, Salher studies the chemical conditioning in its manure treatment to enable the reuse of the sludge as biofertilizer.

Furthermore, the outlet water of the manure treatment plants can be reused in washing, watering and streets cleaning.

Treatment of leachates.

Leachate is the liquid waste generated by percolation in landfills. Although they cause serious environmental pollution problems, only 0.13% of landfills have adequate facilities to treat them.

Salher designs and manufactures efficient solutions for the leachates treatment.

A double system of dissolved air flotation and filtrations of various degrees, up to the final stage of ultrafiltration by means of tubular membranes. This is what the Salher plant consists of to treat the leachate generated in landfills, although it will be necessary to study the most suitable solution in each case. 

As a manufacturer, Salher can study each individual case to offer solutions adapted to the needs of each customer: all types of flow rates, plant particularities, site conditions and effluent pollution levels.



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