Solutions for water treatment in modular camps

Salher’ equipment to treat effluent issued from hygienic and sanitary waste of camps are designed taking into account that consumption depends on seasonal, weekly, daily and hourly variations.

Prefabricated sewage treatment plants.

These camps are usually located far away from cities without access to basic services. For these particular cases, specific solutions are studied.

The prefabricated treatment plants of Salher can be located in remote areas of cities without access to basic services.

The solutions provided are designed for easy maritime and road transport. The equipment are easy to use with a low maintenance cost, while the productivity depends on the needs of each situation.

Cruz Roja Refugee camp at Tinduf (Algeria)

Wastewater treatment plant for 350 PE.

Oil Plant at Bolivia

Modular wastewater treatment plant for 2.000 workers.

Workers camp at Algeria

Buried solution for 600 PE.



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Salher launches its new website design

Salher launches its new website design

Salher begins September by presenting a much more visual and accessible website, with the aim of leading the digitalization that the industrial sector and the water sector are experiencing. The new website reflects the aesthetic renewal that the brand has been...

Control panel for WWTP

Control panel for WWTP

In the last decade, political-legal, technological and economic factors have allowed the water treatment sector to be digitized to obtain a better yield in the production of treated water. The increase in standards presupposes the existence of an objective and safe...

Wastewater management for the vegetable processing industry

Wastewater management for the vegetable processing industry

The vegetable processing industry is one of the most complex industries in the agri-food sector due to the great variety of raw materials, industrial processes used, as well as final products. Salher studies the most efficient methods to treat wastewater derived from...


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