New Salher wastewater treatment plant for large flows from a slaughterhouse

Jan 27, 2022

Salher has an extensive experience providing solutions for the agri-food industry all over the world. One of Salher’s latest major turnkey projects in Europe was a wastewater treatment plant for a slaughterhouse with a capacity of 1,500 cubic metres per day.

In general terms, Salher’s scope in this project has been:

  • Detailed engineering development and 3D plant design of the water, sludge and deodorising lines;
  • Supply of the plate tanks,
  • Supply of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation of the water, sludge, deodorisation and compressed air lines,
  • Supply of hydraulic, electrical and deodorisation pipes,
  • Supervision of the installation of mechanical equipment and pipelines,
  • Commissioning of the plant.

The treatment system proposed by Salher consists of a water line, a sludge line and a deodorisation system, which is operated by activated carbon towers.

The water treatment line consists of a coarse screening system with a waste dehydration and compaction system, a pumping station, a fine screening system with a waste dehydration and compaction system, a homogenisation tank, four dissolved air flotators (DAF) as primary treatment, a secondary treatment with a nitrogen elimination system, a secondary sludge separation system by flotation, a piping system and the necessary accessories and instrumentation for this water line.

Regarding the sludge line, it has a primary and secondary sludge extraction system, primary and secondary sludge tanks, sludge conditioning tank and system, centrifugal extractor for dehydration, piping system, accessories and instrumentation necessary for this sludge line.

The entire water treatment plant is controlled by an electrical panel with an automaton and Scada system.

Salher solutions for wastewater generated in industry

The agri-food industry is more and more environmentally aware. Proof of this is the increase in investment to adequately treat its discharges and in the reuse of treated water in company tasks such as garden irrigation, cleaning or recharging of flushers.

In general, the agri-food industry is characterised by high pollutant loads in organic matter (with a good biodegradability ratio: BOD5 / COD) and suspended matter. In order to achieve high purification performance of these waters, biological treatments are a very interesting option that does not generate odours or toxic gases and has a much more controlled performance.

Salher designs and manufactures wastewater treatment plants using different technologies: activated sludge treatment, SBR systems, MBR systems or MBBR systems.

In addition, Saher designs and manufactures different elements to condition the water and increase the performance efficiency of the unitary operations: pre-treatments, advanced primary treatments (DAF), tertiary treatments (ultrafiltration), sludge treatment and deodorisation treatment.

As well as water from the food industry, Salher offers solutions to treat water from all types of industries: energetic, chemical, beverage production, dairy or cosmetics, among others.

Thanks to the maturity of the knowledge acquired, this water treatment company studies the discharges of each industry, not only to treat them, but also to achieve the required discharge parameters in time, quality and form. In other words, easily, at minimum cost and efficiently.

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