Salher offers the most effective solution to treat dairy industry wastewater

Aug 31, 2020

Milk, cheeses, yogurt, butter, cream, curd, ice cream … It is no secret that the production of any kind of dairy generates high volumen of process waters full of organic materials, nitrogen and phosphorus, detergents, acidity, oils and fats.

This all amounts to a major problem for the dairy producers and a high risk for the environment. Salher has developed wastewater treatments for any kind of industry for almost 40 years, studying the most suitable solution for each particular case.

Apart from the development of the engineering solution, Salher manufactures the water treatment equipment, which ensures quality and specialization in the whole project and complies with the required discharge parameters.

In the milk and dairy derivate industry, the wastewater is generated during the production process, although there are also other sources, such as factory cleaning operations and sanitary uses. However, the moment in which a greater volume of contaminated water is produced is during periodic emptying operations, to maintain the hygienic and quality conditions required of the factory.

How can we treat the wastewater generated during the dairy production process?

Since we have a large experience in the design of multiple solutions to treat water from dairy industries, in each case, the selected technology will depend on technical, environmental, economic and operational criteria, such as:

  • Required water quality: Depending on whether the final receiving environment is a municipal collector, a river or a sea;
  • Need for water reuse;
  • Size of the factory and volume of water it generates;
  • Surface available at the factory to install the water treatment plant;
  • Nature of the residual water: industrial and / or urban and / or rainwater;
  • Flexibility to changes in flow and polluting loads;
  • Management of the generated sludge;
  • Complexity of operation and maintenance desired;
  • Degree of automation: Electrical control panel and / or automaton and / or SCADA.

Dairy industry wastewater solutions

According to the aforementioned input data, every solution will be developed according to the needs of each client, consisting of different unit operations:

  1. Pretreatment: Equipment prior to the water treatment phase, which normally consists of one or more pumping stations, screening systems, a basin for homogenization and flow regulation and equipment for the separation of fats, such as the Dissolved Air Flotator (DAF).
  2. Biological Treatments: They are equipment for the purification of industrial wastewater and can use Low Load, Medium Load or High Load active sludge technology, MBBR Processes or MBR Processes.
  3. Tertiary treatments:In the event that the needs of the project or the client require it, Salher can develop systems to improve water quality after the water treatment by microfiltration, ultrafiltration or disinfection systems.
  4. Sludge treatments: During the wastewater treatment process, an important volume of sludge is generated, for which Salher also has a solution through stabilization, thickening and dehydration.
  5. Odour treatment: Finally, in this type of wastewater treatment plants Salher can include deodorization systems using activated carbon and ionization.

Salher’s Engineering Department offers different plant configurations. The classic and more conventional ones consist of prefabricated solutions mounted in GRP reactors (Reinforced Polyester with Fiberglass) surface or buried installation. In addition, to meet any kind of requeriments, Salher designs water treatment plants in hut, containerized and civil works execution plants.

Salher wastewater treatment plant references for dairy industry

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